Tool and Dies

Kordenbrock Tool & Die specializes in the design, build and tryout of progressive dies.  A progressive die is an integrated stamping die made up of several die stations through which metal is indexed one station at a time for a series of operations.  Usually, a continuous strip of metal is fed into a press and a completely formed part is ejected from the other end with each stroke of the press.

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Stamping presses, ranging from 50 to 600 tons capacity, produce a wide range of metal component parts for automotive, appliance, material handling and other industries.  Several presses are linked to automated feed lines which enhances our ability to set up diverse jobs.  Our presses allow us to run progressive dies, single pass dies, precision dies and deep drawn stamping dies in long and short production runs.  We are also experienced with stamping in nonmetallic media such as gaskets and plastics.

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CNC Machining

Our 3 Fadal Machining Centers ranging in size from 40'' X 20'' to 80'' X 30'' give us great flexibility, speed, reliability and accuracy.  Whether it be 2-axis machining, 3-axis surface machining, prototype part machining or production machining, we are flexible enough to suit our customer's needs.

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State-of-the-art Electrical Discharge Machinery provides the flexibility and control to meet our customer’s close tolerance requirements.  Rigid quality control plus comprehensive inspection techniques guarantee customer satisfaction.

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