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Kordenbrock Tool & Die specializes in the design, build and tryout of progressive dies.  A progressive die is an integrated stamping die made up of several die stations through which metal is indexed one station at a time for a series of operations.  Usually, a continuous strip of metal is fed into a press and a completely formed part is ejected from the other end with each stroke of the press.Stamping

Our dies are:

  • Tailored to your project
  • CAD Designed
  • CNC Machined
  • Wire EDM with Mastercam programming
  • Tryout with press capacity up to 600 tons
  • CMM inspected

From engineering through construction and production, quality and accuracy are our prime objectives.  We prove our work by trying out the tools we build in presses as large as 600 tons with bed lengths up to 42'' X 108''.  This capability allows us to troubleshoot the tool making sure it produces the high quality part our customer requires.


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